Felicia Rhapsody Lopez: PhD candidate at the Unversity of California, Santa Barbara, currently researching codical manuscripts from within Mesoamerica. She holds her MA  in Chicana/o Studies from UCSB with a Masters Thesis entitled, “Mayahuel and Maguey as Teotl in the Codex Borgia: Establishing a Visual Grammar for Reading Directional Tree Panels.”

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Chicomoztoc is the Place of the Seven Caves, the mythistorical place of origin for many of the Mesoamerican Indigenous groups. The name is Nahuatl, and can be broken down into three parts; chicome, oztotl, and the suffix -c mean seven, cave, and place, respectively.  The prefix to- (used as the twitter handle) means “our.”  Chicomoztoc.com seeks to analyze current popular media representations of Mesoamericans and their descendants through critical comparisons to ancient and classical Indigenous self-represations.